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Condor – Hylocereus guatemalensis X


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Self-Fertile Spicy Exotics
This variety will set fruit with its own pollen

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Condor Dragon Fruit variety comes from the genus Hylocereus and the species guatemalensis. This variety is a self-pollinating variety. The fruit is a very large sized with super bright purple flesh. The exterior skin is light green and pink hues with the green turning pinkish red as the bright purple flesh becomes ripe. This hybrid has a very nice exterior appearance with the fruits size average of  1 to 1.5 pounds. The sweetness of the fruit is also exceptional with an average brix rating of 19. This fruit is also considered to be one of the better tasting varieties at the Pitaya Festival held in Southern California. This variety is a cross between a Nicaraguan and Guatemalan Pitaya making it a great tasting fruit. Cuttings adapt quickly and grow rapidly under ideal conditions. Growth is three sided with small thorns that are very typical looking of Hylocereus guatemalensis. Single cuttings have reached over six feet growing just one summer. Due to this aggressive growth heavy pruning is recommended. This variety was acquired from California.

2 reviews for Condor – Hylocereus guatemalensis X

  1. John

    Got this one on September 16, produced 5 flowers . Now, got my first and only fruit ripe today, only about 1/2lb. Although only 1 fruit, I found still has some buds coming up. I believe it will produce more and bigger fruits next season. 6-30-18

    • Tye Miller

      For sure, keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Diana M Traylor

    Can I tell you how impressed I am with Spicy Exotics? When you find someone that is so reliable to order from, it’s like getting a box of chocolate covered cherries and you just cannot stop eating them. Now – I had already completed my wish list of Tyes’ different varieties that I wanted “BUT” I just had to have ONE MORE! By the way, my new cutting is Fantastic.

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