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Spicy Exotics Dragon Fruit ratings table:

Flavor – When testing for sweetness of the Dragon Fruit a device called a refractometer is used. It uses the brix scale of sweetness. This scale ranges from 0 to 32. The higher the number the sweeter the fruit. In addition to sweetness any unique attributes such as size and flavor are also considered when giving this rating.
Fruit Production – For the rating we look at how many fruits are produced from a single plant. Also, how easy or difficult it is to grow is considered. For example, a variety that is self-fertile will get a higher rating than an non self-fertile variety.
Growing – This is a rating of the overall hardiness of the plant. In addition to this, we also look at how quickly the plant adapts from cuttings and how long it will take before producing the first fruit.
icon= Poor
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Connie Mayer

Connie Mayer Dragon Fruit is a hybrid variety that comes from Hylocereus stenopterus and Hylocereus undatus. It is one of three hybrids created by German hybridizer Eckhard Meier. The other two types are Bruni and Kathie Van Arum. These are also offered in our online store. The growth is tinder large three-sided that is typical of Hylocereus. Spines are often a single thorn similar to the Bruni variety. Spicy Exotics collected this variety from a tropical grower in California who had this variety since 2000 soon after Connie Mayer was found and registered.

The flower is a medium-sized bloom with inner petals being purple shading to light pink edges and white tips. The flower bud is equally impressive as the flower. In Louisiana, the flower opens at dusk and closes at sunrise. When compared to other varieties this is much earlier. One downside to Connie Mayer is it is self-sterile but will set fruit with most red-fleshed fruit pollen.

Fruits are small and plentiful, weighing between 7 and 9 ounces — the green skin when ripe has a transparent pink color with lemon-lime green fins and white flesh. The longer the fruit is on the vine, the sweeter it gets. In Louisiana, this took 45 days compared 30 days from other Hylocereus. First fruit in 2018 tested with a Brix rating of 20. The flavor profile was floral with a sweet coconut taste, very yummy. We would say it’s like eating a Bruni and Kathie Van Arm fruit at the same time.


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