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Spicy Exotics Dragon Fruit ratings table:

Flavor – When testing for sweetness of the Dragon Fruit a device called a refractometer is used. It uses the brix scale of sweetness. This scale ranges from 0 to 32. The higher the number the sweeter the fruit. In addition to sweetness any unique attributes such as size and flavor are also considered when giving this rating.
Fruit Production – For the rating we look at how many fruits are produced from a single plant. Also, how easy or difficult it is to grow is considered. For example, a variety that is self-fertile will get a higher rating than an non self-fertile variety.
Growing – This is a rating of the overall hardiness of the plant. In addition to this, we also look at how quickly the plant adapts from cuttings and how long it will take before producing the first fruit.
icon= Poor
iconicon = Below Average
iconiconicon = Average
iconiconiconicon = Above Average
iconiconiconiconicon = Excellent

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Tricia is a Dragon Fruit variety developed by Edgar Valdivia a member of the California Fare Growers Association. It was named after one of Edgar Valdivia’s daughters. It is a cross between Hylocereus  polyrhizus and a Hylocereus ocamponis Dragon Fruit variety. This variety has nearly identical characteristics to the Hylocereus ocamponis variety. The plant is a strong grower with interesting greyish green stems. The gray coating on the stem help protect the plant from the heat in the summer time and cold in the winter time. These stems are very long thick three sided segments with large spines. Flower budding to flower is 30 days and another 30 days from flower to fruit. When flowering the blooms are very impressive with bright colors and extra-large up to 15 inches in diameter. Once mature the plant flowers during the summer time. The variety is not self-pollinating so it will need help with hand pollination. It is also not self-fertile so it will need pollen from another variety. Once pollinated the fruit is a good size with an average weight of one pound. The fruit is egg shaped with a unique look to it having many small fins. Due to its hybrid crossing the taste of the fruit is different from typical Hylocereus ocamponis. The red fleshed fruit has a nice taste sweetness having no acidity aftertaste. In addition the fruit also scores an average brix rating of 19. This variety was collected for a rare nursery in Florida

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