What size is Spicy Exotics plant cuttings?

Cuttings are no longer than 38″ and not smaller than 12″. Average size is typically 24″. All packages are shipped in a 24″ or 38″ tube. If you would like larger cuttings they are available with local pickup at no additional charge.

What is your favorite variety?

We hesitate to pick one but let’s go with Physical Graffiti. It is one of our three (3) original collections. The reasons are it’s a heavy producer, it’s a strong grower, and it very resilient. The only negative aspect is it’s non-self fertile, meaning it needs a pollinator. Oh, and the fruit is some of the best tasting Dragon Fruit with a perfect balance of sweet and acidity. 5 Stars and thank you, Paul Thomson, for hybridizing! If your experience has been different you may not have an S1 clone and we would suggest you try again.

Can I get mature cuttings?

If mature cuttings are available and you request them, we will send mature cuttings. However, we would like to share our experience with mature cutting over the past 15 years. The advantage of mature cuttings is its hardiness. Dragon Fruit plants are very resilient, so hardiness is not a big deal. One advantage to young cuttings is they adapt and proliferate. This means young unrooted cuttings will outperform a rooted mature cutting to 5 feet, meaning flowers and fruit sooner than later. Lastly, some mature cuttings may take longer to start growing, sometimes up to 6 months

Are your cuttings rooted?

Some are, if not, Dragon Fruit cuttings are super easy to root. Also, some cuttings can grow without roots. Lastly, some states will inspect packages if the soil is on the cutting. This is the case with a rooted cutting, and we may not ship rooted cuttings to your state. 

Where are you located?

Spicy Exotics is located in Lafayette, Louisiana.

If I plant in a container, can I grow different varieties in the same container?

Growing different varieties in the same container will not be an issue. However, if you plan to redistribute or use cuttings from those containers once they mature, it can be challenging identifying the correct variety once the plant matures. You can use marking tape and such to help, but it will be difficut years later as all of the plants will grow into one another.

When a plant is out of stock when will it become available again?

It could be days, weeks, months, or the following year. It is contingent on the variety, how it grows, customer demand, and customer waiting list.