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Spicy Exotics Dragon Fruit variety Voodoo Child plant

Where is the fruit?

The 2015 fruiting season was looking very promising with several varieties flowing in early March. Disappointment set in after most of these flowers failed due to a lack of pollen. The remainder of the flowers that bloomed in March and April did have
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Dragon fruit variety Purple Haze flower

First Flower of 2015

Many of my Dragon Fruit plants have flower buds at this time of year. Some are Voodoo Child, Haley‚Äôs Comet, Physical Graffiti, Dark Star and Delight. However, the first to produce a flower was Purple Haze. When the flower opened it had very little¬
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Dragon Fruit variety Voodoo Child flower bud

First flower bud of 2015

Here in Louisiana, flower buds typically show in the month of March for most plants and trees as springs temperatures arrive. Most dragon fruit varieties usually show signs of flower buds as temperatures get even warmer, but not Voodoo Child. The fir
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