Spicy Exotics Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit or Pitaya (the real name) originated in Central America and now can be found in most tropical areas. In the USA these areas include Hawaii, California, and Florida. The plant is a vining cactus with fleshy three sided growth and spins along the edge of this growth. The plant creates huge night blooming flowers that are beautiful and fragrant. If the flower is pollinated it will create one of the most amazing looking fruits. Spicy Exotics Dragon Fruit can be either red, pink, green or yellow skin with white, pink, purple, or red flesh. The fruit sizes can vary depending on the varieties, ranging from 0.5 pounds to a whopping 3.0 pounds in size. The fruit is really easy to peel with a kiwi type texture and eatable seeds. Dragon Fruit varieties have taste ranges from little or no flavor to very sweet. In addition to this, some varieties add a complex attribute to the flavor. Dragon Fruit is superb eaten chilled, but can also be enjoyed when juiced, cubed in salads, or even as jams. For great uses of Dragon Fruit check out our Pinterest page.

 What are our customers saying

“Beautiful, healthy, and large cuttings with Fast shipping. Tye was very helpful and answered all my questions quickly. Tye also gave me several options when my first choice wasn’t available. He was able to send me a Lake Atitlan Red even though it was out of stock on his website. I highly recommend buying from Spicy Exotics. I will definitely be buying again.”

Michelle from Arizona July 5, 2017